"Nothing matters more than the diagnostic ability of a physician."
- Sandra Trop
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    “I can not put into words how blessed I feel to have found Dr. Davin and his entire staff! I have been so soured on the medical field, the uncaring ‘shuffle them in and out the door’ attitude. I have not seen my general practitioner in two years; I’ve been to his office many times and have seen every P.A. or trainee in the place, but not my doctor. Dr. Davin is the opposite of any doctor you will ever meet. He is the only doctor, it is his practice; not only will you see him, but he will spend time with you and get to know you as a person, not a co-pay. You will get to know him as a very caring, loving person, and by the way, he is an extremely talented doctor. This is the first time in seven winters that I have not gotten pneumonia! I had just figured this would always be part of my life. Dr. Davin also has diagnosed me with sleep apnea. I have gone through sleep clinics and have recently started using a CPAP machine. I will say, it is a little bit of an adjustment to sleep with a mask, but a very easy adjustment to make in order to sleep through the night. I also would like to acknowledge Pam, Diane, Terri and Michael for their caring, patience and understanding. I look forward to coming to the office and seeing their smiling faces. I would be happy to speak to anyone about my experience with these tremendous people. I can at first be contacted at ghazoo50@yahoo.com, and then I would be happy to speak with anyone on the phone or in person. God Bless.”

    – Ron Clemons

    “I was very pleased when Dr. Davin asked me to write a testimonial about my C-PAP.

    I am a 56 year old woman who was exhausted for about the last fifteen years.

    My husband has a C-PAP and has been using it for a few years. I really thought that sleep apnea was more of a “guy” thing. My family kept nagging me because I snored. How bad could it be? Well, my son recorded me when I dozed off on the couch (a common occurrence) and I was horrified by the noise coming from me! No wonder they were nagging me.

    I asked my primary physician to refer me for a sleep study. The second best thing I’ve ever done for myself besides quitting smoking!

    I feel great! I love my C-PAP. I am rested, have energy, can concentrate, can stay awake if I sit down! I have lost about 15 pounds without much effort because I’m not trying to energize myself with food. My family can’t believe the difference in me. I feel like a participant in life again.

    I sleep through the night and dream again.”

    – Vicki McShane

    “Nothing matters more than the diagnostic ability of a physician. Dr. David Davin’s knowledge, experience and instincts are truly unique. When in the hospital with pneumonia, Dr. Davin changed my hospital prescribed antibiotic (that was not working) to one that cured me. He knows what does and does not work. The atmosphere of good humor at the office with staff is refreshing. The tech’s are precise, those handling the horrors of insurance are careful and last but not least, the named “Office Goddess” juggles like a magician. I would put my life in their hands for their competence and compassion.”

    – Sandra Trop

    “For nearly a year, my partner had made me aware that my nighttime snoring had progressed to frequent “stop breathing” episodes.  With no small bit of prodding from her, I mentioned this to my primary physician during an annual checkup, and was referred to a sleep study.  On arrival at the lab on the appointed (cold, snowy) night last January, I was greeted by a knowledgeable, and sympathetic, technician.  He proceeded to do everything he could to put me at ease by explaining (in as much depth as I asked for) the methodology and physiology of what I was in for.  After being thoroughly wired, I actually did manage a reasonable night’s sleep, in a very nice and comfortable facility.

    Imagine my surprise a couple of weeks later, when I opened the letter from Dr. Davin’s office, informing me of my moderate case of OSA!  My partner’s comment: “Well, DUH!”  I followed up with a second overnight study.  I had a different, but equally knowledgeable and pleasant, technician.  Shortly after, I met with Dr. Davin for the first time.  He had made the arrangements for a CPAP unit, and explained in greater depth and detail the ramifications of treatment and its overall health benefits.  On a personal level, we connected with a shared love of music, baseball and race cars.  Professionally (as the Safety manager for a trucking company), I am involved both on Federal and State levels with medical certifications for commercial vehicle operators.  Fatigue, and fatigued driving, are hot-button topics, and sleep apnea is an affliction that could cost a commercial driver his or her medical qualification.  Dr. Davin impressed me both with his knowledge of the ramifications of an OSA diagnosis for a professional driver, and his willingness to share his knowledge with others in my field, by agreeing to be part of an annual Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Conference.

    At this point I have been on a CPAP unit for approximately one year.  For the minor inconvenience of wearing the mask, it has made a huge difference in my “quality of rest”.  While the only symptom I had was the “stop breathing” episodes (as I remember, some 80 per night), I truly feel much more rested.  I also have healed from a chronic case of bruised ribs and interrupted sleep caused by a nocturnal elbow and the accompanying “YOU’RENOTBREATHINGDAMMIT”.  My partner has also experienced more restful sleep for some inexplicable reason.

    In summary, my experience with Dr. Davin, his technicians, his staff and his supplier has been outstanding.

    – Mike Chellis